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DKSH (Thailand) Ltd.


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Consumer Goods
DKSH's Business Unit Consumer Goods has played a significant role, providing opportunities for domestic and international companies to offer high-quality products to Thai consumers.
Luxury & Lifestyle
A Business Segment of DKSH’s Business Unit Consumer Goods, providing Market Expansion Services for Western high-end and lifestyle watches, accessories and apparel, and household luxury goods across Asia.
DKSH's Business Unit Healthcare covers a broad footprint in Thailand’s healthcare market, including ethical pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, devices, medical supplies, dental, OTC, and consumer health products.
Performance Materials
DKSH´s Business Unit Performance Materials is a leading global provider of Market Expansion Services that sources, develops, markets, and distributes a wide range of specialty chemicals and ingredients.
DKSH’s Business Unit Technology is a leading provider of Market Expansion Services offering technical and service solutions in the areas of industry, infrastructure, energy, research, food and beverage, as well as advanced metals.
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