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BAK Asia Co. Ltd.


BAK Asia Co Ltd is one of the leading provider of plastic welding equipment’s, hot air tools, extruders, heaters, blowers, folding and bending tables. We are the solution for plastic fabrication, printing and packaging, pipe construction, roofing, civil engineering, tunnelling, waterproofing membranes, process heat, tarpaulins, billboards, pvc flooring, 3D printing and much more.
We are covering the entire Asian and Oceanic market and is responsible for answering to all technical, sales and marketing questions for all our customers in the fastest and most professional way.

We are offering a wide range of machines and accessories:
Hot Air Tools (Hand held)
Wedge Welding Machines
Hand Extrusion Welders
Industrial Heaters
Heating & Folding Machines
Hot Air Blowers
Hot Air Welding Machine
Industrial Extruders
Industrial Blowers
Test Equipment

Very high level of customer satisfaction reflects in our company image and reputation. We will continually step up to preserve and improve our excellent reputation. We conduct our business with the utmost honesty and integrity. We treat our customers, our staff, and our suppliers fairly and respectfully.
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