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VR Broker Co.,Ltd.


A-SURE was established in 2001 and is specialized in providing customized solutions to protect health and assets of individuals, families and companies. As one of the leaders in health insurance, we offer the best cost-effective solutions for expatriates living in Thailand. We are a fully licensed insurance intermediary with a licenses for direct and re-insurance. Our team of 20 insurance professionals is well versed in all matters of insurance placements. A-SURE is the trade name of our insurance broker company VR-Broker Co. Ltd. A-SURE is an international trade mark which includes all of our local and global insurance activities.

A-SURE stands for personal service and bespoke insurance solutions developed to your needs. With over 30 years of extensive experience in insurance markets in Asia-Pacific, Europe and North-America, we have a deep knowledge of all related property and health-insurance concerns you have. We have developed a corporate culture of analyzing and understanding your risk exposures and designing cost-effective solutions to protect you. Our multilingual customer service team, versed in French, English, German and Thai, is here to advise you and assist you in processing your claims. For more information and details on our product offerings, please consult our website

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