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Bumrungrad Hospital is a public company traded on the Stock Exchange of Thailand and managed by a multi-national team of experienced medical professionals and hospital administrators.
Main Hospital Facility (opened 1997)
• One of the largest private hospitals in Southeast Asia
• 12 stories with underground parking
• 70,262 square meters
• Fully licensed medical heliport
• Hospital-wide Wi-Fi network coverage

Outpatient Clinic Facility (opened 2008)
• One of the world’s largest private sector outpatient clinics
• 21 stories plus 700 parking spaces
• 57,206 square meters
• Patient Volumes & Revenues
o Over 1.1 million patients treated per year (OPD and IPD)
o Over 520,000 are international patients, from over 190 different countries
o Over USD 546 million annual turnover in 2018

Human Resources
• International management team
• Over 4,800 employees
• Over 1,200 physicians and dentists, many with international training/certification
• Over 900 nurses

Inpatient Capacities
• 580 Inpatient Beds
Outpatient Facilities
• 275 Examination Suites

Special International Services
• Over 150 interpreters,
• Visa extension counter,
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