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Our vision is for 50-plus baby boomers to enjoy a well-deserved retirement in the country of their dreams with no unpleasant surprises. We want to improve their standard of living, and allow them to live happy and fulfilling lives.

50plusAbroad stands for commitment and expertise in all aspects of retirement abroad. We guide the generation of 50-plus baby boomers on their way to the country of their dreams. The specialists at 50plusAbroad pave the way with thorough and systematic clarifications, analyses of clients’ own situations, and concrete suggestions on starting a new chapter of life in a southern country. Our emigration consulting offers a solid footing and a safe investment, which prevents against bad decisions and mishaps, guaranteeing a safe, happy, and fulfilling retirement abroad.

Together with our specialized partners in Switzerland and in the destination countries, we can offer comprehensive and professional advice, tailored to your individual needs.
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